Electric Heaters
TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you on the best ways to deal with common issues highlighted by our technical support team. In this section you will find all Tech Time articles related to Electric Duct Heaters.
June 2018
It's all about selection: New feature makes selection easy
This month we discuss a new feature being added to our Electric Heater Selection Software in the near future. The "self-verify" feature produces a checklist to ensure you make the best possible selection when designing your heating system. Click here to learn more.
March 2018
Vernier Control: The Inside Scoop
This month we detail the ins and outs of Vernier Control and how it really works - specifically in correlation with the control signal. Click  here to learn more.
February 2018
Supersize me! Neptronic's large load heaters
Our article this month features our giant heaters, their applications and how Neptronic's designs save energy and are cost effective. Click here to learn more.
December 2017
UL, CSA and ETL Certifications: Knowing your options
A succinct and comprehensive guide to American and Canadian Certifications. Click here to learn more.
November 2017
Let's not get technical: Storing Electric Heaters
Important tips on how to safely store your electric heater if you don't need to install it right away. Click here to learn more.
October 2017
Use the protection you need: Enclosure types (Control Panels)
Certain applications require specific types of control panels or enclosures for heaters. This article talks about the different types of enclosures available to suit the environment. Click here to learn more.
September 2017
Flashback: Quick Tech Glance, Part Two
Some reminders regarding important considerations when choosing, designing and building an in-duct heater. Click here to learn more.
July 2017
Flashback: Quick Tech Glance, Part One
It's a summertime refresher! This month's TechTime takes a look back at some pro tips and ideas. Click here to learn more.
June 2017
Tube it right! Prevent overheating due to low or no airflow
Air flow is important in the prevention of overheating due to low or no airflow. This month, we look at one of the new safety features added to heaters with an airflow switch with important tips on how to complete the minor installation. Click here to learn more.
May 2017
Know Your Signals Control Signals to Heat
The following signal types can control Neptronic heaters: electric ON-OFF, electric modulating, pneumatic ON-OFF and pneumatic modulating. Here is a simple explanation of how each of them operates and what’s inside the control panel for each control signal type. Click here to learn more.
April 2017
Let Us Guide You Towards the Right Path. Heater Selection Guide
The Heater Selection Guide is a quick one-sheet guide to making a precise heater selection to obtain accurate pricing and design. Click here to learn more.
March 2017
Simple as A, B, C EDH Account Creation is Just a Click Away
The design and selection of electric heaters is only a mouse click away with our online Electric Duct Heater Software. This unique interactive software allows you to enter basic data in a user friendly window. Click here to learn more.
February 2017
You Measure – We Build Duct Insulation
Neptronic heaters can be designed and ordered with either an insert (slip-in) or flanged type frame. Knowing in advance which type is required can save time and money on field modifications as well as avoid any possible damage to the heater. Click here to learn more.
January 2017
Wise to Read Excerpts from the Electric Heater Installation Instructions
Following installation instructions is extremely important in order avoid any damage or malfunction to the electric heater. Click here to learn more.
December 2016
Plug It In Using Heater Selection Formulas
At times when designing or selecting a heater, the schedule/specifications may not include all the details you need. This article will help calculate the missing details/information to complete the selection process. Click here to learn more.
November 2016
Play with Power (part 2) Vernier Control
In the previous edition of TechTime, we talked about Vernier Control and its benefits. In this edition, we will focus on how to select it with our heater selection software. Click here to learn more.
October 2016
Play with Power Vernier Control
High capacity electric heaters are occasionally required to meet a sizable load (ΔT). The best and most efficient way to control these large kW heaters is with proportional SCR control with a vernier sequence. Click here to learn more.
August 2016
The Smart Choice to a Better Future Networkable Electric Duct Heater Overview
Today's world runs on technology; from smart computers and phones to smart televisions etc. So why not a smart heater for the HVAC industry? Click here to learn more.
July 2016
Go with the Flow Electric Heater Airflow Direction Requirements
Neptronic electric heaters have many advantages over competitive designs and airflow direction is one of them. Click here to learn more.
June 2016
Heat with Tubes Tubular and Finned Tubular Type Heating Elements
In a previous TechTime article we discussed "Open Coil" heating elements along with their applications and advantages. This edition will cover Tubular and Finned Tubular elements. Click here to learn more about those changes.
May 2016
Yes, You Have Options! Electric Duct Heater Options
Neptronic electric heaters are custom made to suit your specifications. Our proprietary software allows you to select from many options to make this custom heater most suitable for your application. Click here to learn more.
April 2016
NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters When are zone heaters a good choice?
Today's homes, condos and offices require more fresh air than ever in order to avoid living in an environment that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. NEP-Therm heaters (zone heaters) complement your heating system by preheating fresh air. Click here to learn more.
March 2016
Those Extra Minutes Are Worth It! Verifying Your Heater Selection Software Order
Neptronic offers the possibility of obtaining specifications directly on our website and also submit orders online using the same software. When using this tool, it is highly important to verify that the selection is correct and approved as per your requirements BEFORE submitting the order. Click here to learn more.
February 2016
HOT Enough to Handle...? Process Heaters
Neptronic electric heaters are designed for various applications to accommodate dimensions, kW and voltage. Amongst many of the available options there is "Process Heater". Click here to learn more.
December 2015
Turn ON / Turn OFF – Depends on Your Signal HEC Signal Output and Troubleshooting
Neptronic's universal heater controller, known as the HEC is an integral part of our electric heaters. The HEC accepts any control input signal available in the HVAC industry and converts it to either a modulating output to the solid state relays and/or to a staged on-off signal to the electric heater relays. If you have a modulating heater but do not have a modulating signal on site, this should not be a problem. Click here to learn more.
November 2015
Am I Exposed Enough? Cold Spots (Blank Offs)
Cold spots are metal sheet add-ons that extend the distance between the control panel and the thermal cutouts (and coil) while keeping the same overall inside duct dimensions. This exposes the cutouts to the airstream and prevents overheating. Click here to learn more.
October 2015
To Flip or not to Flip Duct Heater Orientation
Neptronic heaters can be custom built for horizontal or vertical airflow. Control panels can be side, bottom or top mount or even remote mount if space is an issue. With all these different options available, it is always good to have the correct construction confirmed at design stage so that the heater can be built accordingly. Click here to learn more.
August 2015
I Control Myself… Internal Set Point Option
If you are a technician or a caretaker who maintains HVAC systems in a building, you probably experienced this at least once. Complaints about the temperature being too hot or too cold. Besides system issues or malfunctions of any HVAC systems, it’s sometimes as simple as the wall-mounted thermostats being adjusted by the public! Click here to know how to avoid this situation.
July 2015
Does Distance Matter? Airflow Conditions to Avoid
While installing a duct heater, there are certain basic rules to follow. Respecting minimum distances upstream and downstream of the heater is one of the important ones. here are some installation tips that will prevent damaging of the heating elements and controls.
June 2015
Master the Elements Open Coil Type Heating Elements
When specifying electric heaters in a project, it is important to have a good knowledge of the different coil types. Knowing their characteristics, advantages and usual applications ensures an optimal design and prevents any unwanted situations in the future. Click here to learn more about open coil type elements.
May 2015
Where is the Airflow Switch?! Electronic Airflow Sensors
Some people get confused when they do not see an airflow switch with a pitot tube (probe) on installations featuring Neptronic electric heaters.That is because our open coil, modulating heaters are equiped with patented Electronic Airflow Sensors (EAS) and do not require the probe that we normally see with fixed or adjustable airflow switches (PDN or PDA). Click here to learn more.
April 2015
Thinking Remotely: Remote Duct Heater Control
In most public places such as vestibules and hallways, having a thermostat installed on the wall is not ideal since it can be accessed, controlled or damaged by unauthorized personnel. Neptronic’s room temperature sensors STR1-13 (3.3kOhms) and STR1-11 (10kOhms) can be used with duct heaters to resolve this issue. Click here to learn more.