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Flashback: Quick Tech Glance, Part One

In this edition, we look back at few previously published articles to point out some important tips and ideas.

There is always a solution;

Tired of people changing the settings on your thermostat? Use the remote wall temperature sensor STR1-13. This sensor can be mounted on the wall in the space and connected to a thermostat remotely - the thermostat can be mounted in a separate location.


The door to your answers;

Think the heater came with no airflow switch? Open the control panel door and spot the HEC controller. If it has four yellow wires marked +TS1, -TS1, +TS2, -TS2, then you have built-in electronic airflow sensors (EAS) which do not require any field installation or wiring. Good to go!

Electronic Airflow Sensors (US Patent 7, 012, 223)

HEC Controller

Flashback Flashback

Overheat? Heater shutting off?

Check the clearance. Recommended distance of 48 inches (or 3 x duct diameter) upstream and downstream should be allowed in order to have an even airflow across the whole coil section.


Can a heater operate without a thermostat?

With Neptronic's internal set point feature, yes it can! A built-in set point controller on the HEC board has a field adjustable (61F to 90F) dial which eliminates the need for a thermostat.

A duct or room temperature sensor is required for this option.


Left, Right, Center, Top and Bottom? We like them all!

Neptronic heaters do not require a specific airflow direction. Any direction is acceptable. Also, the control panel extension side can be chosen in order to make installation easier, especially when there are obstacles around the duct work.


We have the options!

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