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Internal Set Point Option

I Control Myself... Internal Set Point Option

If you are a technician or a caretaker who maintains HVAC systems in a building, you probably experienced this at least once. Complaints about the temperature being too hot or too cold. Besides system issues or malfunctions of any HVAC systems, it’s sometimes as simple as the wall-mounted thermostats being adjusted by the public!

Our modulating electric heaters can be controlled without a user-accessible thermostat. The set point controller is built-in the heater and connected to a duct temperature sensor (STC8) which is mounted about 6-8’ downstream of the heater or to a remote room temperature sensor (STR1). This option allows you to adjust a set point anywhere between 61°F (16 ºC) to 90°F (32 ºC) on the HEC board which is the brain of the heater. Once a set point is selected and installed in the duct, only the maintenance technician can access the heater to change the set point temperature.

How does this work? Having the internal set point on it, the HEC board does its calculations and acts as a thermostat transmitting the correct modulating signal to the heater to satisfy or reach the set point temperature based on the readings it gets from the temperature sensor.

In order to have a more precise temperature control, the internal set point option is available only on heaters with the following specifications;

  • Open coil type element only.
  • Maximum dimensions of 48”W x 40”H.
Internal Set Point Option
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