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NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters

NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters. When are zone heaters a good choice?

Today's homes, condos and offices require more fresh air than ever in order to avoid living in an environment that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. NEP-Therm heaters (zone heaters) complement your heating system by preheating fresh air. NEP- Therm heaters are also used to complement existing forced air heating systems of homes, condos or offices. The temperature in each and every cold-zone area will now be individually controlled.

Compared to standard heaters, the NEP-Therm heaters are equipped with a modulating controller that enables operation in extremely low air flow conditions with peak performance. NEP-Therm heaters come in specific sizes, voltages and power (5", 6" or 8" collar; 0.5 kW to 5 kW at 120, 208 or 240 Vac). NEP-Therm heaters are available with one of 3 thermostats with a modulating signal. However, it is possible to convert these heaters into an ON/OFF signal simply by moving a jumper or wire. They can be mounted on a horizontal as well as a vertical duct.

The NEP-Therm heaters are quality products engineered for performance with low operating costs. The model is built by choosing from the following options.

NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters

Installation Tips

Minimum clearance to access control panel
Attention, for safety reasons, minimum clearance to access control panel should respect the local electric code.
Caution, Risk of electric shock and burns.A minimum distance of 39" (1m) must be maintained between heating section and any opening or access door in the duct. This applies to all types of heaters. If this distance cannot be maintained, a guard must be installed to protect personnel from contact with the heating elements and bare live parts.

NEP-Therm Heaters vs Standard Heaters

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