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Electric Heater Airflow Direction Requirements

Go with the Flow: Electric Heater Airflow Direction Requirements

Neptronic electric heaters have many advantages over competitive designs and airflow direction is one of them. Our duct heaters are shipped without directional airflow indication. Any one of our heaters can be installed on either side of the duct which can be very helpful to the installer when space is limited. No specific airflow direction is required. Airflow may be left to right or right to left for horizontal heaters and top to bottom or bottom to top for vertical heaters.

Modulating controlled heaters feature our intelligent heater control system (HEC) which has 2 temperature sensors installed on either side of the heating element. These two sensors function independent of airflow direction and act as an airflow switch shutting off the heater when there is low or no airflow. See TechTime article from May 2015 for more details.

On/off or staged heaters are equipped with a mechanical airflow switch installed in the control panel, and a pitot tube, which is shipped separately (and must be installed). It can be mounted on either side, upstream or downstream of the heater. This pitot tube does have an airflow indication arrow and must be installed with the arrow pointing in the direction of flow.

Our standard control panel extends to the left of the slip in heating section. We also have options to have the control panel extended to the right or centered. Below are drawings showing the available orientations. Note that these options must be selected prior to placing an order.

Electric Heater Airflow Direction
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