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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you on the best ways to deal with common issues highlighted by our technical support team. In this section you will find all Tech Time articles related to humidifiers and humidification.
September 2019
Resistive vs. Electrode Humidifiers, Part 2 Comparing Costs
In this second of a two-part series, our expert breaks down the total cost of ownership, with a focus on the costs of installation, maintenance, operation/water quality and impact on the environment. Click here to learn more.
July 2019
Resistive vs. Electrode Humidifiers Weighing the Pros and Cons
In this first of a two-part series, our expert discusses the benefits of resistive vs. electrode humidifiers and offers helpful information for making the best choice. Click here to learn more.
October 2018
Welcoming the SK4 Generation: SKE4 Resistive Electric Humidifier Spotlight
With this year’s launch of the SKE4, the first release of Neptronic’s SK4 Generation, this month’s article will focus on the standout features, design and technology incorporated into the SK4 generation of humidifiers. Click here to learn more.
April 2018
It's all in a name: The new generation humidity peripherals
This month we discuss our latest additions in peripherals that correspond with the recently launched SK4 series of humidifiers. We cover the array from application to nomenclature. Click here to learn more.
March 2018
Don't be confused by your fuse: MCA and MOP for your humidifier, explained
In this month's article we learn about Minimum Circuit Amapacity and Maximum Over-Current Protection, how they relate to one another and how they are integral to properly selecting wire and circuit breaker sizes. Click  here to learn more.
February 2018
The Universal Solvent: How water quality affects your humidifier
When feeding your humidification system, whether it’s isothermal or adiabatic, it is important to consider the impact the natural features of Hard, Soft and purified water types, such as RO, DI, and Ultrapure will have on your system. Click here to learn more.
December 2017
Conbustion of Gas Humidifiers: Complete vs. Incomplete
Here we explore the fundamentals of combustion and the causes and consequences of incomplete combustion. Click here to learn more.
November 2017
UV light: The bug zapper!
How UV lamps work to combat potential airborne pollutants. Click here to learn more.
October 2017
Don't keep it all bottled in - Vent it! Guide to gas appliances and how to safely and properly vent
With four appliance categories and variables of positive and negative pressure, condensing or non-condensing, this month's article is a handy guide to properly venting your gas humidifier. Click here to learn more.
September 2017
Heartburn solutions: Condensate Neutralized For Gas Humidifiers
An interesting look at the natural science of turning acids into water to protect your pipes and drains. Click here to learn more.
July 2017
How it works: The energy recovery wheel
In July's edition of TechTime, we take a look at the impact of the energy recovery wheel on a ventilation system. Click here to learn more.
June 2017
Out with the old, in with the new SKR News Update
June's article focuses on several design and option improvements to our popular SKR series. From the addtion of a 24vac output on the SKR modulating unit (making the need for an external power supply source obsolete!) to the inevitable phase out of the SKR humidifier with phone jack connections, we just keep on moving... Click here to learn more.
May 2017
For Good measure Types of Hygrometers in the Market
There are multiple products available to measure humidity with different names, such as hygrometers, humidistats, humidity sensors and dew point sensors. This article provides an overview of these devices and their operation. Click here to learn more.
April 2017
What Do a Hammer and Water Have in Common? The Water Hammer Phenomenon
The water hammer phenomenon is defined as a quick spike in pressure stemming from the inherent kinetic energy (momentum) in all flowing water, which starts at the culprit valve but also extends throughout the entire system. Click here to learn more.
March 2017
Easy as Pie Humidisoft Account Creation Quick & Easy
The Humidisoft online sizing and selection software saves you time when sizing and specifying commercial, industrial or residential humidifiers. Existing Head rep account holders can create and add users in a few simple steps. Click here to learn more.
February 2017
What is it? Oshkash? Osheaga? No! It is OSHPD. OSHPD explained
Have you ever wondered what the acronym OSHPD, in a humidifier specification, stands for? This tech time edition will provide an overview of OSHPD. Click here to learn more.
January 2017
A Backflow preventer's Purpose What is a Backflow Preventer?
The word Backflow means the undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, steam, or suspended solid into the potable water supply. Click here to learn more.
December 2016
Do it Right the First Time Let's Demystify the Installation of the Steam Line
Multiple factors must be taken into consideration when installing a steam line to connect the steam outlet(s) of the evaporation chamber to the steam distribution system. Click here to learn more.
November 2016
Ask and it Shall Be Answered (part 2) Answers to Frequent Customer Enquiries
In this edition of TechTime, we will cover frequent questions that were asked by our customers over the past few years. Click here to learn more.
October 2016
To Drain or Not to Drain How the Periodic Drain Cycle Works
All the SK isothermal (hot steam) humidifiers are equipped with a microprocessor that regulates the periodic drain cycle to reduce the concentration of TDS (total dissolved solids). Click here to learn more.
August 2016
Read the Instructions! Installation Instructions: Are They Important?
Most installation manuals are long and boring to read, but they contain important information that must be followed during the installation of a humidifier to ensure a proper operation of the humidification system. Click here to learn more.
July 2016
The Great Outdoors SK Electric Humidifier Outdoor Enclosure
Many customers have inquired about the weather enclosure of the SK300/SKE electric humidifiers. This month's TechTime will summarize the features of this unit. Click here to learn more.
June 2016
Humidity Control Innovation New Duct Humidistat and HRO20/HROB20 Wall Mounted Controllers
Neptronic recently released new humidity control products and upgraded some already existing controls. Click here to learn more.
May 2016
Better Prevent Than Cure Window Temperature Sensor and Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Excessive condensation can ruin the window-frame finishes and contribute to mold or mildew growth, which are serious moisture problems. Click here to learn more.
April 2016
Ask and It Shall Be Answered Answers to Frequent Customer Enquiries
In this edition of TechTime, we will focus on frequent questions that were asked by customers over the past few years. Click here to learn more.
March 2016
What's the Problem?! SKR Troubleshooting Issues With the Fill and Drain
Your SKR unit has been working perfectly for several years and suddenly it's filling and draining constantly without producing steam?There are several possibilities that could cause this issue. Click here to learn more.
February 2016
Can You Turn Me On or Off? Using Modulating SK300 Humidifier as On/Off
Ordered a modulating humidifier but have on/off controls? No problem, we have a solution for you! The SK300 modulating units are capable to operate as on/off units with digital controls. Click here to learn more.
December 2015
Humidity Control 101 Proportional Band – VAV System – Low Signal Selector
How does the Low Signal Selector (LSS) work? Here is an explanation of the different operations behind the LSS, found in our HRO20 (wall mount humidity controller) and in most of our SK models. Click here to learn more.
November 2015
Connect to Nest SKR Connection to Nest Humidistat
Neptronic offers several models of humidity controllers with the SKR residential series. If you are planning to use your own thermostat/humidistat, the SKR humidifier was designed to be compatible with most type of controls available in the market. Click here to learn how to connect the SKR to Nest and other humidistats.
October 2015
Adiabatic Wars Comparing Evaporative Vs. High Pressure
As some of you might have heard, Neptronic will soon be introducing a new high pressure atomizing humidifier called SKH. This makes a lot of people wonder what will be the main differences between this system and the SKV evaporative humidifier when it comes to selecting them for a project. Click here to learn more.
August 2015
You Like Delays? We Don’t! SKG Inlets & Outlets Location
One key aspect of SKG Gas Fired Humidifier design is the location of the inlets and outlets. It's up to the customers to choose which options suits them best depending on the intended application. Click here to know why providing this information as soon as possible could help you avoid delays.
July 2015
Diagnostics 501 Diagnstic Display on SKG Humidifier
We sometime get calls from technicians on site that are not sure how to troubleshoot a SKG that is not reacting to control signal. Where to start looking? and what to do? Click here is breakdown of the diagnostic procedure to help resolving that kind of issue in a quick and effective manner.
June 2015
Don’t Forget! Resetting the “Operating Hours” Counter
Servicing is a crucial step to keep a humidifier running well for as long as possible. To ensure no servicing is forgotten, Neptronic humidifiers are equipped with an “operating hours” counter which lets you know when to service them given that you reset it each time you do. Click here to learn more about the resetting procedure.
May 2015
Making the Right Choice Ultrasonic Humidifiers Vs. Electric Humidifiers
There are many types of humidifiers on the market and each has its pros and cons depending on the application. Ultrasonic and electric type humidifers are no exception and it is important to know the distinctions between the two to ensure maximum performance of the installation. Click here for a brief overview of the main differences between those two humidifier types.
April 2015
Where’s the Transfo?: Peripherals' Power Supply
SKR Residential Steam Humidifiers come with a choice of kits which include PC board, humidity controller and accessories. On occasion, customers prefer to change the default controller to a digital one like the HRO20 for esthetic reasons. However, making this change requires an additional transformer. Click here to learn more about the different kits and their requirements.