Logo Neptronic
  • Permanent, easily serviceable stainless steel container
  • Capacities from 5-80kg/hr
  • On-Off or Modulating operation, generate pure and sterile steam
  • Simple, reliable, efficient & environment friendly
> SKE05 - SKE80 5-80kg/hr
> SKE90 - SKE120 90-120kg/hr > OUTDOOR 5-120kg/hr
Advantages of Electric Resistive Humidifiers
  • Permanent cleanable chamber
  • Works in all water qualities
  • Produces clean, sterile steam
  • Close humidity control
  • Low installation cost
  • Compact size
SKE - Engineered to Last
The self contained SKE steam humidifiers produce mineral free, odourless, sterile steam without the replacement cost associated with electrode cylinders manufactured by our competitors.
Features and Benefits
  • Simplicity of Operation and Service
  • Functions exceptionally well in severe, normal or DI/RO water conditions
  • AFEC® technology ensures safe and efficient operation
  • Equipped with revolutionary drain pump and waste water cooling device
  • Interactive LCD display and microprocessor controlled self diagnostics
  • Available with "BACnet" communication interface
Certified with 2 Year Warranty