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Neptronic Cloud-based Zoning system

Unlocking advanced HVAC management with
Neptronic Cloud-based Zoning System

Features scalability and connectivity by integrating devices on BACnet MS/TP on one user-friendly platform

Montreal, Canada | March 11th, 2024 - Neptronic is excited to present our latest cloud-based management software the Zoning System, which brings control to your fingertips.

At its core, this software is engineered to create personalized comfort zones in an HVAC system, ensuring seamless functionality for building owners, facility managers, and maintenance personnel.

Now, the customer can remotely control all the Zoning equipment, such as the VAV boxes and Rooftop Units, through a user-friendly interface. The software enables users to configure application-specific controls, tailoring them to the unique requirements of each zone. Users can conveniently store and retrieve historical trend data from any location, enhancing reporting and analysis capabilities. Additionally, the software facilitates system supervision by providing a live view of all Zoning equipment simultaneously.

The software's built-in diagnostic service identifies technical issues in advance, providing timely alerts at varying levels, from medium to critical. The goal is to simplify HVAC management complexities, offering users a comprehensive toolkit.

At the heart of the Zoning System is The Edge device, a gateway ensuring seamless connectivity between cloud and on-premises servers, reinforcing operational efficiency.

Designed for versatility, the Zoning System supports multiple devices on BACnet MS/TP, making it suitable for various setups, from small-scale applications to larger, complex HVAC systems. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity and supports 5G technology, staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

The Neptronic Zoning System is the ultimate solution for those looking for efficiency and excellence. It has been designed to become the standard in building automation, offering easy-to-use tools for configuration of services, a quick setup and deployment of the system which are all necessary for success.

Why Neptronic?

At Neptronic, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to diverse applications. We have been at the heart of humidification innovation since 1976 to help enhance process efficiency and end-result quality by generating the ideal ambient conditions for our customers’ needs.

Committed to research and development, we constantly aim to improve reliability and precision of our products. Our dedicated team of over 300 experts works in Montreal, Canada to create the ideal solutions for your applications.

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