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Neptronic humidifiers feature Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment Systems

Neptronic humidifiers feature Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment Systems

Montreal, Canada | February 12th, 2024 - Neptronic water treatment systems are designed to provide purified water for both isothermal (hot steam) and adiabatic (cool mist, evaporative) humidifiers.

The goal is to increase efficiency and prolong the service life of the devices.

Neptronic isothermal steam generators (SKE, SKG and SKS) are designed to provide tool-free maintenance and can work with either tap or softened water. Even so, challenging water quality can create unnecessary workload for humidifier maintenance which in turn can impact the device’s efficiency and performance.

Over time, after repeated cycles of water heating, scale begins to accumulate in humidifier tanks as dissolved minerals from the evaporated water are left behind.

On one hand, scale formed in humidifiers is easy to maintain if the typical tap water is used. On the other hand, using hard water, that contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium, can lead to frequent servicing and a higher drain frequency during operation.

Equipped with our in-house reverse osmosis water treatment system, our isothermal humidifiers (SKE, SKG, and SKS) can operate with little to no maintenance, thereby reducing your overall maintenance costs.

Neptronic RO systems can work with single humidifiers but are typically installed with multiple humidifiers to eliminate the maintenance on projects. Our RO system has capacities of processing water up to 3,000 lbs/hr and comes with adaptable storage and pretreatment configurations. Furthermore, no humidifier modifications are required to work with the Neptronic RO systems. As a result, our RO systems can easily be retrofitted to existing humidifier installations.

In addition to eliminating tank service on our humidifiers, using RO water also dramatically reduces the frequency of drain cycles. Extended uptime during the operation of a humidifier is important to meet the demands of critical applications and spaces that demand higher humidity control.

Furthermore, water treatment is required for high pressure spray adiabatic humidifiers, such as the new SKH4. That is why we offer Neptronic RO systems as an integrated component of our SKH4 systems.

The design also incorporates sustainable practices such as recycle flow with an aim to reduce water usage. The humidifier frames are powder-coated, and membrane vessels are made of stainless steel with the purpose of creating a more durable product which can provide years of quality service.

« I like the fact that we can incorporate cutting edge water treatment technologies, namely the reverse osmosis membrane) into our humidification systems,” says product manager Josiah Strauss. “And that RO systems are often paired with humidifiers serving critical applications that are advancing our technology in industries such as medicine, aerospace, manufacturing and information technology. »

Why Neptronic?

At Neptronic, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to diverse applications. We have been at the heart of humidification innovation since 1976 to help enhance process efficiency and end-result quality by generating the ideal ambient conditions for our customers’ needs.

Committed to research and development, we constantly aim to improve reliability and precision of our products. Our dedicated team of over 300 experts works in Montreal, Canada to create the ideal solutions for your applications.

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