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Laboratories require very tight control of ambient humidity, temperature and indoor air quality. Sensitive and precise humidity controllers must modulate humidity levels to maintain set point accuracy within ±1% RH to prevent the disruption of experiments or the loss of quality in products. Adequate humidity affects the rate of chemical reactions and increases process efficiency as well.

For pharmaceuticals, product preservation depends on precise humidity control to avoid variations that might affect their composition and potentially make them dangerous or inefficient. Certifiable instrumentation is required for testing in laboratories, for pharmaceutical production runs and product storage.

Electronically controlled laboratory equipment also requires proper levels of ambient relative humidity usually within the human comfort range 40-50% RH to operate smoothly. This avoids their disfunction or damage caused by electrostatic discharges and dust.

Neptronic’s humidifiers can help create the optimal ambient conditions for laboratories and pharmaceuticals. Our vast selection of controllers, sensors and humidistats help you accurately and reliably monitor and control your humidifier according to your needs.

Benefits of our humidification:

  • Increase pharmaceutical production efficiency
  • Reduce risks of damage to sensitive equipment
  • Reduce material waste and yield increase
  • Can be monitored and controlled with our range of accessories

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