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Hospitals are critical and sensitive environments that require accurate, performant and trustworthy equipment. Humidity control in healthcare facilities helps better monitor indoor air quality to mitigate the propagation of airborne pathogens and diseases.

No area of a hospital requires more careful control of the sterile condition than does the surgical suite. Maintaining humidity at levels of 50-60% RH limits static electricity charges which can affect the operation of sensitive surgical equipment. Proper humidity levels can also reduce the accumulation of dust and other contaminants that could impede on the success of medical interventions.

Clinical areas devoted to upper respiratory disease treatment, maternity and obstetric departments, burn units and general clinical areas in the entire hospital should be maintained at levels between 30-50% RH to ensure optimal comfort and air quality.

Neptronic’s humidifiers can help create the optimal ambient conditions for individual rooms, departments and needs in hospitals. Our vast selection of controllers, sensors and humidistats help accurately and reliably monitor and control your humidifier to cater your needs.

Benefits of our humidification:

  • Reduce risks of airborne infections and respiratory illnesses
  • Prevent damage to medical equipment
  • Help maintain patient and staff comfort
  • Adapt to every hospital application’s humidification needs
  • Can be monitored and controlled with our range of accessories

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