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The ventilation system of data centers is an essential infrastructure that ensures the smooth operation of information technology. In data centers, the processing and storage devices generate heat, which can cause damage to the equipment and slow down the server speed and efficiency.

Properly conditioned airflow must be supplied to maintain the data centers at their peak performance capacities. To do so, dampers must adapt their opening according to the airflow required to cool down the area.

This ventilation will also contribute to occupant comfort, ensuring workers have a safe environment where heat accumulation will not cause them any health issues.

Neptronic’s actuators are multi-signal and can be set as On/Off, floating, modulating or PWM control signals and feedback without any special programming tools to provide accurate and rapid responses. They are also available in electronic failsafe models – capacitors are used for the storage of energy which is then released upon power failure to close or open the dampers or valves.

Benefits of our actuators:

  • Adapt airflow to prevent overheating
  • Contribute to peak performance of servers
  • Available in electronic failsafe models
  • Are fast and easy to install with MOLEX connectors and cables

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