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During fire emergencies, stairwells in high-rise buildings must have automatically adjusted pressure to reduce the spread of smoke throughout the building. To ensure occupant safety as they exit the building and preserve the structure, most building codes require specific pressure in high-rise buildings to mitigate smoke migration.

Stairwell pressurization systems are designed to create a pressure difference between the stairwells and hallways, and the location of the fire with dampers. The pressurization helps contain the fire and smoke in one place – where it began. Occupants can escape safely, and firefighters can stop the fire efficiently.

Neptronic’s fast acting actuators are designed to receive various signals from the controller after the smoke detector has sensed the fire. They provide a rapid and precise response to the damper to maintain the necessary pressure. They are also available in electronic failsafe models – capacitors are used for the storage of energy which is then released upon power failure to close or open the dampers or valves.

Benefits of our actuators:

  • Regulate the damper movement efficiently and quickly
  • Reduce damage to building and danger to occupants
  • Facilitate the firefighters’ extinguishing efforts
  • Are fast and easy to install with MOLEX connectors and cables

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