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In paint booths, fresh air is important to ensure employee safety and process efficiency. Quick air replacement reduces exposure to high concentrations of paint fumes, greatly decreasing risks of pulmonary and respiratory complications reported by a study published in the Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology.

Fast acting actuators react quickly to controller signals requiring to open and close dampers, hence regulating the airflow to provide healthful working conditions for paint booth workers. Air flow and pressure balance also prevent dust, dirt and contaminants from being introduced to the paint booth, thus ensuring a better paint job.

Neptronic’s fast acting actuators are designed to receive signals from the controller and to react quickly, supplying fresh air or exhausting the contaminated air to limit the paint fume concentration in the booth.

Our actuators are multi-signal: they can be set as On/Off, floating, modulating or PWM control signals and feedback without any special programming tools. They also include the auto-stroke function, which adapts the control signal and feedback to the mechanical angle of the rotation.

Benefits of our actuators:

  • React swiftly and reliably to controller signals
  • Protect employees from high fume concentrations
  • Maintain and improve product quality
  • Improve process efficiency and end-result quality
  • Are fast and easy to install with MOLEX connectors and cables
  • Are available in electronic failsafe models

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