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Fume hoods are vital safety devices for those working with dangerous chemicals, toxic gases and harmful vapors in all types of laboratories (independent, health, school…). Fume hoods keep occupants safe by removing volatile chemicals and by-products from laboratories.

Air contaminant removal contributes to experiment success and product quality in the case of pharmaceuticals, for example. It prevents unwanted chemicals from reacting to product or experiment components. Speed counts when opening and closing dampers or venturi air valves, as the hood contains contaminated air that could be harmful.

When working with airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, it is important to keep them contained and to evacuate them properly in health research and vaccine laboratories for example.

Neptronic actuators are a perfect product for pressure-independent venturi air valves. They can also be set as On/Off, floating, modulating or PWM control signals and feedback without any special programming tools to provide a rapid and precise response to constantly adapt airflow conditions depending on the fume hood’s ever-changing opening.

Benefits of our actuators:

  • Provide a rapid and precise response
  • Protect employees from harsh airborne chemicals
  • Reduce risks of unwanted reactions
  • Are fast and easy to install with MOLEX connectors and cables
  • Can include the auto-stroke function
  • Available in electronic failsafe models

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