Home TechTime February 2017

TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you on the best ways to deal with common issues highlighted by our technical support team. Each edition features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.
You Measure – We Build
Duct Insulation

Neptronic heaters can be designed and ordered with either an insert (slip-in) or flanged type frame. Knowing in advance which type is required can save time and money on field modifications as well as avoid any possible damage to the heater. Click here to learn more.

What is it? Oshkosh? Osheaga? No! It is OSHPD.
OSHPD Explained

Have you ever wondered what the acronym OSHPD, in a humidifier specification, stands for? This tech time edition will provide an overview of OSHPD. Click
here to learn more.

Thinking Outside the Fan Powered Box
EVC Fan Powered Box Options

As you may know, the EVCB series controllers have the ability to control fan powered boxes. Click here to learn more about this feature.