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SKR - Electric Resistive Humidifiers

Residential Steam Humidifier
  • Capacities from 3-5kg/hr of steam
  • On/Off or modulating operation, self cleaning elements
  • Permanent cleanable stainless steel evaporation chamber
  • Siphon drain requires no drain valve or external tap
Remote SDU
  • Modern design blends well with any decor
  • Low noise (less than 40dBA at 1m)
  • Includes 1.8m flexible steam hose
  • Residential

  • SDU

SKR - Residential Steam Humidifier

Advantages of Electric Resistive Humidifiers

  • Permanent cleanable chamber
  • Low installation cost
  • Produces clean, sterile steam
  • Compact size

Engineered to Last

Major innovations from our established SK300 series have been incorporated in the Neptronic SKR to provide the most reliable humidifier system for the residential market.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplicity of Operation and Service
  • Environment friendly - no plastic cylinders to buy or throw away
  • Generates pure and sterile steam
  • Simple control wiring
  • Self-cleaning elements
  • No more blocked drain solenoid valves
Certified with 2 Year Warranty

Designed for Flexibility

Ideal for condos / appartments without a duct network, the remote SDU is designed for through-the-wall installation to provide steam humidification directly into the room.

Features and Benefits

  • Installation through a wall partition to the main space
  • Suitable for installation in any closed location or a closet
  • Standard, 230 Vac power supply
  • Maintenance free