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Room Switch and Sensor CMU
  • Compatible with Compact Make-up Air Units
  • Simple three wire connection to CMU
  • Elegant wall-mount design
  • Seamless integration and interoperability
SIA and SIH Series Open Coil - Options
  • Current sensor and current switch compatible with CMU
  • Provides feedback to CMU based on extract fan
  • Fast response time
  • Adjustable amperage range
Accessories & Sensors Open Coil - Options
  • Duct or wall mount sensors
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Economical solutions for your sensing needs
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • IMC10 and TDF

    Room Switch and Sensor
  • SIA and SIH Series

    Current Sensor and Switch
  • ST and SH Series

    Temperature and
    Humidity Sensors

IMC10 - Room Control Switch

  • Select between off, continuous and intermittent operation modes
  • LED status indication for operation mode and power
  • Three wire connection between switch and CMU

TDF - Universal Digital Room Sensor


  • Built-in temperature sensor and optional humidity, CO2 and occupancy sensors (select models)
  • Elegant design
  • Universal wall-mount design
  • Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius scale
  • BACnet service port via on-board mini USB connector

Available in a range of colours

SIA-50 - Current Sensor
  • Allows the CMU to modulate its output based on the extract fan
  • Analog output (0-10Vdc)
  • Selectable amperage ranges from 0 to 10/20/50A
SIH-150 - Current Switch
  • Adjustable current switch used as a high limit device
  • Amperage and trip point range of 0.32 to 150A
  • Status LED
STC8-11 - Duct Temperature Sensor
  • Duct sensor for remote temperature reading
  • Sensor 10 KΩ and 3.3 KΩ
  • High accuracy, fast thermal response
  • High stability
SHC80 - Duct Humidity Sensor
  • Duct mounted humidity sensor
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • 2 analog outputs (0 - 10Vdc)
  • Status LED
STR1-11 - Room Temperature Sensor
  • Wall sensor for remote temperature reading
  • Sensor 3.3 KΩ or 10 KΩ available
STO2-11 - Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • IP65 weather proof enclosure