The perfect balance of heat and humidity
HAVA - Hot Yoga System

The Hottest Technology in Yoga



The Hottest Technology in Yoga

HAVA is designed to restore health, confidence, and calmness through yoga with love and sincere care for you.


Yoga just got a whole lot hotter with HAVA! The new and complete HAVA tower is a fully integrated system with ventilation, heating, humidification with closed proportional control, and easy maintenance. Made to suit any hot yoga studio in a space up to 800 sq. ft, HAVA features a humidifier control panel, modulating electric heater section, resistive electric steam humidifier section, and a 3-speed fan. Designed to reliably maintain 104°F (40°C) with 50% RH in a space up to 7060 cu. ft. The easy-to-install and maintain Hot Yoga climate tower’s air supply can come directly from the room or from a local duct network. HAVA is the perfect solution to help maintain heat and moisture in the air for any style of Hot yoga.

The best Hot Yoga studio system will ultimately depend on your space and budget!

Features of HAVA

A 3-in-1 system: Heating, ventilation, and humidification

The Hot Yoga climate tower is a fully integrated system that includes ventilation, heating, humidification, and energy conservation with closed proportional control.

Built-in controller and user interface

The TFH24P3 is a fully configurable controller and sensors explicitly designed to function with a Neptronic Hot Yoga Studio System. No additional modules are required as the required inputs, outputs, and control algorithms are built into the unit.

Anti-germ UV light

UV-C (also called germicidal UV) utilizes light to break down the chemical components in microorganisms such as bacteria, and viruses, preventing them from multiplying. Using an anti-germ UV light is beneficial because it helps kill germs, thereby purifying the air. They’re incredibly useful for hospitals, medical labs, senior care centers etc.

Adjust temperature and humidity setpoints

Users get to adjust the temperature and humidity they wish to maintain in the desired area.

Built-in thermostat with LCD

The built-in thermostat with LCD can display temperature, humidity, and fan status. It can also, adjust temperature and humidity setpoints. As well as system status indications.

Display temperature, humidity, and fan status

The front panel of the humidifier displays the room temperature as either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It will also display the humidity level percentage RH. In addition, it shows the desired fan speed.

External/remote temperature/ humidity sensors

The unit is equipped with two sensors: one for humidity and one for temperature. The thermostat is in charge of controlling and displaying the output of the external sensors.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Since hot yoga is meant to make you sweat a lot, detoxify your skin, and burn more calories than a dry heat setting, it necessitates rigorous control over the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. Increasing the heat keeps the body warm, allowing more effective stretching and reducing injuries.

Improves flexibility
Burns more calories
Builds bone density
Reduces stress, anxiety & eases depression
Provides a cardiovascular boost
Reduces blood glucose levels
Nourishes the skin
Detoxifies your body
Prevents/Reduces lower back pain


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Hot Yoga Studios

The most crucial part of practicing hot yoga is the heat. When you practice hot yoga, the temperature and humidity in the studio work in tandem to maximize your exercise. Therefore, maintaining the moisture in the studio appropriately adjusted is critical for practice because it allows the muscles to relax, which helps prevent injuries. Due to the body's propensity to adapt to the indoor environment during yoga practice, studios require a humidifier responsive to these adjustments. Neptronic's HAVA system is ideal for hot yoga studios because it can instantly detect changes in humidity levels and respond by producing the moisture required to restore humidity equilibrium.


Spas can be a form of escapism for many. It allows people to treat themselves in personal care as they can relax and decompress in a comfortable and peaceful setting. Humidification is vital in spas as it ensures that guests and employees will be in a relaxed environment. When relative humidity falls below 30% RH, everything dries out, including dehydrating people within that area. This dehydration can lead guests to feel several symptoms, including dryness in the skin, hair, nose, and throat and dust and small particles that can scatter through the air, which can increase allergies and asthma. These factors caused by poor humidification in a spa will cause guests to feel uncomfortable instead of relaxed.


Controlling the temperature and humidity levels in large open spaces like commercial gyms is critical in ensuring a comfortable and sanitary space. Humidity and temperature work together to create a comfortable environment; if not adequately controlled within the gym space, it can cause severe and problematic symptoms for gym-goers, including dehydration, heatstroke, muscular cramps, nausea, and discomfort. With HAVA, any gym could transform any room into a hot yoga studio as HAVA offers heating, ventilation, and humidification.


Surface Area 150 sq. ft (13.9 m2) 300 sq. ft (27.9 m2) 600 sq. ft (55.7 m2) 800 sq. ft (74.3 m2)
Models HVH-6 HVH-7 HVH-10 HVH-12
Ventilation Air Flow 1500 CFM at maximum speed
Heating Power 6 kw 7.5 kw 10 kw 12 kw
Delta T 24°F [13°C] 29.6°F [16°C] 39.6°F [22°C] 47.5°F [26°C]
Humidification Power Up to 6 kw Up to 16 kw
Capacity Max 18 lb/hr [8kg/hr] Max 48 lb/hr [22kg/hr]
Total Current 208V/3ph = max 34A
240V/1ph = Max 50A
208V/3ph = max 38A
240V/1ph = Max 57A
208V/3ph = max 73A 208V/3ph = max 79A

* Based on an 8.5ft ceiling height

Find the right HAVA model that will suit your space and needs. First, determine the surface area of your space by square feet. Neptronic offers 4 HVH models: HVH-6 for 150 sq. ft (13.9 m2), HVH-7 for 300 sq. ft (27.9 m2), HVH-10 for 600 sq. ft (55.7 m2), and HVH-12 for 800 sq. ft. (74.3 m2). All HVH models offer the same ventilation speed of 1500 CFM at maximum speed. According your space’s surface area, you will then be able to determine the maximum power that the system needs.

Technical Drawing

User Interface

The front panel is a fully integrated system which displays numerous features such as ventilation, heating, humidification, and control sequences.

Electric Steam Humidifier

The resistive heating elements of the humidifier converts electrical energy to heat energy that is then transmitted to the surrounding water, raising the temperature to its boiling point, creating steam. The humidifier includes a permanent, lightweight, and reusable stainless steel evaporation chamber.


A three-speed ventilator that can be ducted to supply a constant flow of hot and humid air into the room. Air filters are included in the inlet of the fan.

Hot Steam Output

The humidifier generates mineral-free, odourless, sterile steam.

Electrical Heater

The advantages of tubular elements include less sensitive to humidity and dust, suited for demanding environments, and excellent mechanical resistance.


UV-C light destroys pathogens and produces no VOCs, chemicals, or Ozone. Also, the system offers continuous UV-C protection when the fan is in operation.

Water supply and drain

The HVH is suitable for all types of water including tap or RO water. It is equipped with a drain pump and wastewater cooling device.

System Overview

Option 1

The system can be placed in an enclosed mechanical room.


Option 2

The system can be placed within the same room as your hot yoga studio.


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