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Tubular Electric Heaters

Tubular and Finned Tubular Open Coil - Open Coil
  • Less sensitive to humidity and dust
  • Suited for demanding environments
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Heating element not in direct contact with air
HECB Networkable Controller Open Coil - HECB
  • BMS Integration
  • Save energy
  • Monitor alarms
  • Remote diagnostics
Installation Options Open Coil - Options
  • Slip-in, flanged, or round
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Selectable control panel configurations
  • Selectable enclosure rating
  • Tubular and Finned Tubular


    Electric Heaters
  • HEC / HECB

    Heater Controller
  • Options

    Mounting & Control
    Panel Options
Tubular and Finned Tubular – Electric Heaters


Up to 13 kW per sq.ft. (Tubular)

Up to 15 kW per sq.ft. (Finned Tubular)

Heating elements not in direct contact with air

Element of U or W shape:

  • Tubular Elements:
    -Incoloy 840 (Nickel alloy)
    -Stainless Steel 316L (optional)
  • Finned Tubular Elements:
    -Steel tubes with Steel fins
    -Stainless Steel 316L tubes with Stainless Steel 304 fins (optional)

Integrated HEC controller


The Tubular and Finned Tubular heater type offers
an excellent mechanical resistance, suited for
demanding environments. These elements are less
sensitive to humid and dusty environments but offer
a slower response time.

Tubular vs Finned Tubular

Tubular Elements:
- Incoloy 840 (Nickel alloy)
- Stainless Steel (optional) tube with a diameter of 7/16"
(11mm) with heating coil in magnesium oxide powder

Finned Tubular Elements:
- Steel or stainless steel (optional) tubes, with fins installed on the tube to allow a higher heat dissipation capacity.

  • HECB - Networkable Controller
  • HEC - Standard Controller
  • Installation Options
  • Control Panel Options
  • Enclosure Ratings


For entire frame to be inserted in the duct


For heaters to be an integral part of the duct work

Round collar

For round duct systems of 6" to 24" (152mm to 609mm) diameter

No need to define air flow orientation  Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Mounting



Bottom Control Panel

for easy installation and maintenance

Insulated Control Panel

for high duct temperatures. Insulated material, 1” thick, is installed between the panel

Remote Control Panel

for installing the control panel remotely from the heater or in a separate room

Indoor Use

*NEMA Type 1 (IP10)

Incidental contact

Falling dirt

NEMA Type 12 (IP52)

Incidental contact

Circulating dust

Falling Dirt





Light splashing of liquids

Indoor / Outdoor Use

NEMA Type 4 (IP56)

Incidental contact

Falling dirt




Windblown dust

Splashing water

Hose-direct water

External formation of ice

NEMA Type 4X (IP65)

Incidental contact

Falling Dirt




Windblown dust

Splashing water

Hose-directed water


External formation of ice