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Process Heater

Electric heaters are built to heat air and other medias, they are designed for use in ovens, autoclaves and other industrial forced-air systems for drying, baking or heat treating, dehumidifiers and more. The electric heaters can be sized for different mediums, wattage ratings, and sizes suitable for up to 1200°F maximum outlet air at 900 FPM minimum airflow. Neptronic electric heaters are available in open coil, tubular and finned tubular constructions.

Custom engineering is our business, our highly trained technical staff is always available to assist with special applications and requests. Inquiries for applications and pricing will be answered very quickly, lead times are tailored to meet OEM production schedules.

Features / Benefits of Neptronic Heaters

Modulating, ON/OFF or staging

Standard from 0.5 to 1000 KW, larger loads available

Up to 40 KW per sq. ft.

Zero clearance to combustible material

A complete line of Thermostats & Temperature Sensors are available to meet all your requirements.