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Air Handler

Neptronic electric heaters take you to a higher standard of heating technology and have great features that make them the best in Air Handling. They can be sized for large surfaces, different wattage ratings at any type of voltage. Available in Modulating, On/Off or staging controls to give you the best precision possible and in a variety of heating elements: Open Coil, Tubular or Finned Tubular.

Neptronic offers heaters with cold section(s) as well. When the air flow is altered, the heater will be built with cold section(s) to ensure proper heating. Large heaters will be reinforced to assure proper rigidity and in some cases, will be constructed in two sections to simplify the installation.

Features / Benefits of Neptronic Heaters

UL, CSA and ETL certified

Control enclosure rating available in Nema 1 / 12 / 4 and 4X

Optional stainless Steel construction, frame and/or control panel

Standard from 0.5 to 1000 KW, larger loads available

Control Panel:

- Extension left, right or centered

- Top or bottom installation

- Remote option available

- Insulation material available

Horizontal or Vertical mounting