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Great Addition to your Heating System for Enhanced Heating!

For preheating and accurate temperature control, the NEP - Therm electric heater is equipped with a modulating controller that allows operating in extremely low air flow with peak performance.

NEP - Therm heaters are designed to complement heating systems of homes and offices by preheating fresh air or returned air with any existing central forced-air heating system.

With Nep-Therm preheating fresh air or returned air you can rest assured that you will have a comfortable and healthy environment.

Applications and features:

  • Heat recovery ventilation system
  • Central, forced-air heating system
  • Air make-up combined with a small fan
  • Zone heater and more.
  • 5", 6" or 8" collar; 0.5 kW to 4 kW at 120, 208 or 240 VAC.
  • 3 different kits of thermostat configuration available.