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Fan Coil Unit

Neptronic electric heaters are available in Modulating, ON/OFF or Staging controls to give you the best precision possible and in a variety of heating of elements: Open Coil, Tubular or Finned Tubular. Used to raise the air temperature in any type of HVAC system, for example for Fan Coil units. These heaters are designed and arranged in the most advantageous pattern for heat transfer to the air stream. They can be sized for small, medium or large air surfaces, different wattage ratings at any type of voltage.

Neptronic offers complete heaters with controls or just the heating coil portion with thermal protection in order to adapt to any construction constraints of the Fan Coil unit such as horizontal and vertical configurations; exposed and concealed cabinets, etc. Today’s building owners and engineers are concerned with issues such as high-quality controls for efficient operation, flexibility of construction that can assure easy installation and service.

Features / Benefits of Neptronic Heaters

UL, CSA and ETL certified

Optional stainless steel construction, frame and/or control panel

Control Panel:

- Extension left, right or centered

- Top or bottom installation

- Remote option available

Horizontal or Vertical mounting