SKH4 - Atomizing High Pressure Humidifier


SKH4 - Atomizing High Pressure Humidifier

High humidification at low power

The SKH4 pumps water at high pressure of 1,000 psi (70 bar) through a series of nozzles to produce a fine mist. The adiabatic evaporation used by the SKH4 takes energy (heat) from the surrounding air to evaporate the fine mist (water droplets). This evaporative cooling / humidification process provides large output capacities of 210- 2,800 lb/h (100-1,250 kg/h), that can be modulated with a high turndown ratio of 20 lb/h (10 kg/h).

The power consumption is very low for the high load of humidification produced, compared with isothermal technologies or even other adiabatic technologies such as compressed air. The range of motor from 1/2 to 5HP (0.4 kW to 3.7 kW) is able to generate high cost savings on the humidification process and also on the cooling load of a space.

The SKH4’s controller can be configured with either temperature control for a cooling application or humidity control for humidification. It allows you to temper industrial and commercial indoor areas where heat build-ups could be unfavourable to occupants, production, and material goods.

Distribution can be from nozzle placed directly in space or inside a duct, for added precision. Fan-assisted distributors can help with the efficiency and homogeneity of the distribution of the cooled humid air.

SKVF main image
Technical Drawing

Advantages of Neptronic’s SKH4

  • High turndown and cost-effective brass oil-lubricated pump.
  • Low maintenance and hygienic stainless-steel water-lubricated pump
  • Pump station capacity 210-2,800 lb/h (100-1,250 L/h)
  • Cost effective on/off motor control
  • Energy efficient VFD motor control
  • Up to 6 stage valves
  • Valves inside pump station or remote
  • Up to 4 zones per pump station
  • Integrated, Multi-Platform controller
  • 6-10 lb/h (3-5 L/h) stainless steel anti-drip nozzle to spray water into fine 7-35- μm water droplets
  • New in space fan-assisted mist distributors
  • Nozzle rack is custom made to fit your duct or AHU dimensions

Typical Applications

Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Industrial Space (assembly area)

  • Improve indoor air quality, health and comfort
  • Help reduce absenteeism
  • Lower heating cost with perceived high temperature
  • Improve electronic equipment’s smooth operation

Wood processing (paper and textile)

  • Reduce electrostatic buildup and dust accumulation
  • Mitigate wood deformation
  • Minimize issues with production process such as machine breakdown
  • Increase employee health, comfort and motivation

Food industry (storage of fruits and vegetables)

  • Increase plant growth conditions
  • Reduce risks of sickness and rot
  • Prevent over-watering
  • Decrease produce loss caused by wilting or rot
 Storage Spaces

Outdoor space (terrace and pool area)

  • Increase comfort
  • Outdoor cooling at low cost
  • Attract customers at your restaurant
  • Impress your guests at home
Data centers & electronics

Data centres and electronics

  • Maintain and improve product quality
  • Reduce waste of sensitive products
  • Reduce risk of electrostatic buildup and discharge
  • Increase equipment’s lifespan
  • Improve staff health and comfort
Printing and photographic Industries

Printing and photography industry

  • Reduce risks of paper deformation
  • Prevent paper from sticking, misfeeding and not stacking properly
  • Increase toner adhesion
  • Ensure superior end-result quality
SKH4 - N 100 B 2-2 - E M
N = 60Hz
021 = 210 lb/h
050 = 500 lb/h
100 = 1000 lb/h
185 = 1850 lb/h
280 = 2800 lb/h
Pump type
B = Brass
S = SS oil free
Stage valve
A = 120V / 1ph
B = 208V / 1ph
C = 220-240V / 1ph
D = 208V / 3ph
E = 220-240V / 3ph
F = 400V / 3ph
G = 480V / 3ph
H = 600V / 3ph
Motor control
Blank: On/Off
E = 50 Hz 010 = 100 L/h
022 = 220 L/h
045 = 450 L/h
085 = 850 L/h
125 = 1250 L/h
Drain valve:
0 - 6
  • Remote zone controller (up to 4 zones/pump unit)
  • Remote valve panel (optional)
  • BACnet/Modbus IP plugin board (optional)

SKH4 with Brass Pump

Imperial units
Brass (lb/h) Model N021B N050B N100B N185B N280B
Maximum output 210 500 1000 1850 2800
Minimum output - On/Off 52 125 250 462 700
Minimum output – VFD 20 20 20 20 20
Metric units
Brass (L/h) Model E010B E022B E045B E085B E125B
Maximum output – VFD 100 220 450 850 1250
Minimum output – VFD 10 10 10 10 20
Maximum output – On/Off (50Hz) 80 180 375 705 1040
Minimum output – On/Off (50Hz) 20 45 94 176 260

SKH4 with oil-free Stainless Steel Pump

Imperial units
SS Oil Free (lb/h) Model N062S N140S N225S N280S
Maximum output – VFD 625 1400 2250 2800
Minimum output – VFD 62 140 225 280
Metric units
SS Oil Free (L/h) Model E028S E060S E100S E125S
Maximum output – VFD 280 600 1000 1250
Minimum output – VFD 28 60 100 125

Integrated, Multi-Platform Controller

The SKH4 controller is configured specifically for your SKH4 - Atomizing High Pressure Humidifier.

  • User-friendly, menu-driven interface on a 128 x 64 LCD with 8 function buttons for faster configuration and operation
  • User rights management system allows for menu to display only functions available to the type of user logged in: End User, Service Technician, Installer or Integrator
  • “Quick Config” menu allows for faster and easier installation, by displaying only the most used functions and configurations
  • Independent scheduling system for unit operation and drain cycle configurable via the menu or the BACnet communication interface
  • In-field firmware can be upgraded via SD card, USB or BACnet
  • Simple viewing and exporting of trending log and alarm log

SKH4 – Zone controller

  • Zone controller provides pump unit with zone demand
  • Up to 4 zones per pump unit
  • In space/In duct humidification
  • Configurable for all control types & protections:
    • On/off demand, analog demand
    • Temperature/humidity control
    • Temperature/humidity modulating high limit
    • Remote sensors
    • Air flow, high limit, interlock protection

SKH4 zone controller


Remote valve pannel (Optional)



Radial projection mist distributor using an axial fan to help with absorption distances and homogeneity of the room air. Installed by suspension ropes from the ceiling, the MDU as a low footprint and helps cover a large area uniformly.

Advantages of the SKH4’s MDU:

  • High output
  • High coverage
  • Reduce absorption distance and improves air mix
Technical Drawing

The SKH4 MDU (Mist Distribution Unit) is a fan assisted distributor that will spread mist radially.
Ideal for large space with low ceiling (15-20ft / 4.5-6m).

Model # Air Volume Nozzles Max. Capacity
CFM m3/h Qty Lb/h Kg/h
MDU-1000 1000 1700 6 to 9 40-100 18-45
Technical Drawing


Axial projection mist distributor using an axial fan to help with absorption distances and homogeneity of the room air. Installed on walls or beams, the ADU has multiple size to provide precise humidity distribution for every type of project.

Advantages of the SKH4’s ADU:

  • Large range of output
  • Localize and precise output
  • Powerful front throw of cooled humid air

The SKH4 ADU (Axial Distribution Unit) is a fan assisted distributor that will blow mist in axial direction.
Ideal for large space with low ceiling (8-20ft / 2.4-6m).

Model # Air Volume Nozzles Max. Capacity
CFM m3/h Qty Lb/h Kg/h
ADU-0200 200 340 1 6-11 3-5
ADU-1000 1000 1700 5 33-55 15-25
Zone controller

In-Space Nozzle Rack

Array of nozzle on a high-pressure piping network creating a series of mist cones. The network can be created to spray in the space, starting from the pump unit or with the help of remote valve panel (RVP).

Advantages of In-Space Nozzle Rack:

  • The SKH4 misting nozzles can be spread across large area, generally hanging from ceiling
  • Multiple installations options to fit every space
  • Cost effective solution ideal for large space with high ceiling (30ft / 9m)
In Duct (AHU) installation

In-Duct Nozzle Rack

Custom made nozzle rack and droplet separator installed in duct or AHU for precise output and the mist absorption. Single pump unit can supply multiple ducts with or without remote valve panel (RVP).

Advantages of In-Duct Nozzle Rack:

  • Up to 6 stage valves to ensure precise humidity output
  • Spray contained in duct, no ceiling height limitation
In Duct (AHU) installation