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BACnet native restore function

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BACnet native restore function

The new Neptronic application specific controllers (ASC's) now support BACnet native restore function.

This means the new EVC VAV controller, EFC fan coil controller and TUCB universal wall controller can be directly upgraded over RS485 BACnet MS-TP in the field.

This is done by accessing and manipulating a file object contained in the devices using the Atomic Write file function, which is native in many BACnet clients and front, ends.

This password-protected function will allow your Neptronic controls to be remotely updated when new firmware versions containing new functions are released to the market without the need of a physical local connection onto the controller itself.

The BACnet restore mechanism enables the device main program and functions to be upgraded with simplicity at any given time using BACnet native file services.

Don't be stuck again climbing up a ladder all day or opening up all your control panels when 3rd party BACnet devices are used and need updating!!!!!

BACnet native restore function

To learn more about the new Neptronic application specific controllers and the BACnet native restore function, visit our website.

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