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CMMB100 & CMMB102: Dual Mini I/O Modules October 2019

CMMB100 & CMMB102: Dual Mini I/O Modules

Montreal, Canada | October 15th, 2019 – Neptronic is proud to officially announce the launch of the CMMB100 and CMMB102 series. These cost-effective mini I/O modules provide simple expansion of a new or existing controller, offering BACnet and Modbus communication for easy integration of non-intelligent inputs and outputs. Optional plug-in connectors allow for simplified connection.

Power & Communication

  • 24Vac or 24Vdc supply
  • BACnet® MS/TP port or Modbus communication port (selectable)

Inputs & Outputs

CMMB100 series:

  • Inputs: 8 universal inputs

CMMB102 series:

  • Inputs: 4 universal inputs
  • Outputs (supervised): 2 universal & 2 binary outputs


  • 4 override switches to manually control each output (CMMB102 series only)
  • LED status indication of each input and output
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Removable, non-strip, raising clamp terminals
  • Removable see-through panel for easy access to DIP switches
  • Optional plug-in connectors allowing for expansion

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