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HECB | Electric Heater Intelligent Controller

  • Built-in energy conservation strategies
  • BACnet or Modbus
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automatic and dynamic load shedding
  • Real time power consumption and heater output data
  • HECB

    Electric Heater
    Intelligent Controller
HECB - Electric Heater Intelligent Controller


Save Energy
  • Embedded and configurable energy conservation strategies
  • Automatic or dynamic load shedding
  • Limit electric heater consumption based on multiple variables
Save Time
  • View heater status and alarms remotely via network or thermostat
  • Use diagnostic tools and trend data for remote troubleshooting
  • Perform close control remotely via network
  • Integrate with BMS and intelligent buildings via BACnet MS/TP or Modbus
  • Ensure better management of energy consumption for the future
Leading Edge Technology
  • Access patented technology and several industry firsts
  • Open the door to new markets, such as contracts with power authorities

Industry Firsts


The first electric duct heater in the industry to provide:

  • BMS integration via BACnet MS/TP or Modbus
  • Multiple BACnet/Modbus points allow for creating energy conservation strategies
  • Remote monitoring (status, alarms, diagnostics, and trending)
  • Real-time feedback of heater's output capacity
  • Patented Electronic Air Flow Sensors (EAS) for automatic load shedding (as low as 100FPM)
  • Wall-mount remote user interface (view temperature, setpoint, heater status and alarms)
  • Smart communicating sensors provide real-time temperature measures and power consumption data